Scientific Projects

BabuHawaii Foundation a member of HeliVertex Group

Our recent scientific projects

BabuHawaii Foundation's Scientific Research Division is working on different top priorities such as Theoretical and Experimental Physics involved in any kind of human challenge.
Our approach is "The Start Trek" in which people finally start thinking from a different point of view and approaching a challenge in physics from "outside the box" while using the most advanced theories in physics to help our planet to heal.

"Even a broken clock twice a day is marking the right time"

Prof. Agusto Solei mentor of Dr. Luca J Tagliapietra

BabuHawaii scientific team is now working on these projects:

  • MEM Detector (Major Events Monitoring), Environmental and Disaster Prediction System &Device based on high energy physics interactions.
  • COLa Collaboration DOE Proposal: Radiation Physics and Shielding R&D for: Detection of Light Dark Matter Particles with High-Intensity Electron Beams at DarkMESA through Nuclear-Recoil Signatures.
  • Nuclear Fusion PHHI: Plasma Heating by Means of Heavy Ions interactions.
  • GBP Rad Project: a high energy physics matter identification and detection project of high Z materials.
  • BSS Rad Project: a biological and physical detection methodology of Microplastic identification in the Ocean.
  • BBD Rad Project: a microplastic detection and identification in food and beverages.
  • BB21 Rad Project, a viruses identification Technique and detection project such as on Coronaviridae genome.

Babu hawaii microplastic

Since 2017 Our Main goal is to design a micro plastic detector able to identify and eventually eliminate the micro plastic contamination in water and to find a cleaning strategy on it eventually.

The BabuHawaii Foundation Scientific Team is right now studying and designing a unique device and eventually be able to use it.

The device will be a donation to our country  but we will still need a lot of help from you to raise money in order to hire cleaning companies in Hawaii and save endangered species and the human race.

Babu Hawaii Eco Friendly Fashion Line

We will design a fashion line inspired by the protected species in order to raise funds and sensibility.

Babu hawaii events

With a wide choice of cultural events, lectures, collaborations but also party and social events, BabuHawaii Foundation desires to offer the possibility to gather some of the most relevant personalities, professors, students and professionals to create a social network of heroic Americans who can fight this tragic crisis.

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Babu Hawaii Eco sponsorship

Our Foundation is working hard to gather funds for the R/D in environmental issues, mainly to help those realities who “get their hands dirty” to clean and restore the damaged areas.

An essential part of that job is to sponsor the active scientific research to remain current and up to date thanks to  every innovation can be made, not to miss a chance to find the right solutions for these major issues.

In doing so we are going to offer scholarships and sponsorships for students and scientists who want to pursue an idea capable to change the game!