History &

BabuHawaii Foundation is an entity member of HeliVertex Group.


The birth of BabuHawaii Foundation came from ‘Babu’ our sweet mascot who loves everyone and wants to help his little friends all over the world.His interactions with turtles, seals, whales, dolphins, geckos, bears, coyotes, chipmunks and deer sparked the conversation to open a Non profit  dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, plant life and their natural habitats, especially endangered and vulnerable species including: 

Green and Hawksbill turtle
Green and Hawksbill turtle
Hawaiian monk seal
Hawaiian Monk Seal
Red crested Honey creeper
Red Crested Honey Creeper
Horary Bat
Horary Bat
Oahu tree snail
Oahu tree Snail
Nene Coral reefs
Coral reefs

Future generations are at risk of not ever knowing what a coral reef looks like as bleaching of the coral is accelerating at an unprecedented rate due to global warming.  We stand to loose many species of coral fish and subspecies permanently. 

BabuHawaii received the Charitable Organization of the Year 2021/2022 price.

OUR Mission

Babu Hawaii Foundation is a US Scientific Public Charity Entity dedicated on the highest physic concepts.Its aim is the conservation of endangered species including land & marine animals and plants in their native habitat of Hawaii and the surrounding Pacific Ocean.

BabuHawaii Foundation thanks to its top notch scientific team is developing also physic theories and potential solution to improve the relationship between the human race and the Planet Earth.

BabuHawaii Foundation is a 501.c3/509.a2 entity and approved by the U.S. federal government's System for Award Management (SAM) and by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)